This page contains information about a music composition called 2 Pianos and a Flute from the album Pre 2000 keyboard works by composer Hugh Flynn. An MP3 download can be purchased by clicking on the 'Buy, add to cart' button. The button is located on the media player on this page.
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Track name

2 Pianos and a Flute

Album title

Pre 2000 keyboard works

Year of composition



Tempo = 120 bpm. Time signature = 4/4

Duration - 

6 minutes 43 seconds

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#Flute #Piano

Mood and playing technique

#Bluesy #Breathy #Bright #Jazzy #Laidback #Moderately loud #Playful #Soulful #Staccato #Uplifting #Warm

Possible subjects for use of this composition

#Cartoon #Childhood #Circus / fairground #Gangsters #Happiness #Vintage automobile

Musical genres

#Baroque #Blues #Jazz

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