MP3 downloads of music compositions by composer Hugh Flynn

The subject of this website is the music composed by Hugh Flynn

MP3 music downloads of all music compositions by Hugh Flynn are available on this website. For a complete list of compositions in chronological order click on music catalogue on the menu at the top of the page.

Hugh Flynn began composing music in 1978. His earliest compositions were for guitar, string machines and synthesizer. By 2000 synthesizers, orchestral instruments and sound samples were intricately interwoven to form a unique type of music. The recent music compositions have been written solely for orchestral instruments.

Each piece of music uses several musical themes in rapid succession to tell a story and build a sonic sculpture. They all need to be listened to in their entirety to be fully appreciated.

This site contains a huge catalogue of music by Hugh Flynn.

The music spans comfortably across many genres, but it is never a fusion of prescribed musical styles, or written to a formula. A full list of genres with links to the relevant musical works can be found here.

Please enjoy listening to the truncated MP3 audio files. You can find them on the pages about the music tracks on this website. Buying the music tracks is simple. Secure payment is by PayPal.

There are menu options at the top of the page for searching compositions by mood (For example, soft, threatening, sweet etc.) and by category (Concerto, chamber music, symphony etc.)

There are several types of searches on this website

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For a quick appraisal of the music, why not try the showcase page. This video contains short extracts of several music compositions.
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