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Music downloads by electronic and orchestral music composer Hugh Flynn

Music downloads of all compositions by Hugh Flynn are available on this website. For a complete list of compositions in chronological order click on music catalogue on the top menu.

Hugh Flynn started composing in 1978. His earliest compositions were guitar and synthesizer based. He then progressed to a crossover of orchestral and electronic music. More recently Flynn has concentrated on orchestral works and music for acoustic instruments.

Each piece of music uses several musical ideas in rapid succession to tell a story and build a sonic sculpture. They all need to be listened to in their entirety to be fully appreciated.

The music encompasses many genres. A full list of genres with links to the relevant musical works can be found here.


Please enjoy listening to the truncated audio files on the product pages of this site. Buying the tracks is simple. Secure payment is by PayPal.

There is a menu option at the top of the page for searching compositions by mood (For example soft, threatening, sweet etc)


Recent additions – music downloads

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Examples of orchestral music works:

More orchestral works:

Examples of electronic music works:

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