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Myth Overwriting Myth completed project

2015-06-19 13:08:59

Myth Overwriting Myth

I have just completed my third music project in 2015, and it is called Myth Overwriting Myth. There are 4 parts, and each part is between 14 and 15 minutes in length. The myth is the belief that every generation has about having the potential to achieve more than previous generations by learning from past mistakes. Reality is a different matter. Due to the way television programs have changed since the introduction of cable and digital TV, there has been a trend more recently towards making countless documentaries that ridicule the lifestyle and culture from the 1950s to the 1980s. The general format shows boring parents and extremely irritating children sitting on sofas or sitting at a kitchen table from the era that they are evaluating. They complain about how boring the food was in that era. They say that they can not wait to get back to the multicultural, diabetes and stroke inducing, salt, sugar and fat rich, foods that they are used to. They make fun of the labour intensive gadgets from the period. They criticise the comedians and light entertainment from the era, even though these entertainers had been extremely popular and fulfilled the needs at the time. A lot of these TV programs have been commissioned by the generation born between 1965 and 1980. This was the first generation born in the UK to use those annoying American phrases such as “I am good” , “Hi guys”, and “Can I get a Coke”. Far from being superior to earlier generations, they have tendency towards selfishness, self importance, and lack of self awareness. A product label is more important than good design these days. It seems as if we are no longer evolving.
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